EPISODE 6: So Now I’m Wiccan… What’s Next? [PART 2]

October 29, 2009

This is a follow up to part 1, so check that out first. I'm trying to get this up quick, so it starts and ends kind of abruptly. Sorry!

Topics in this episode include meditating, more on letting go of baggage, meeting other pagans, being mindful of your intuition (but being weary of neurotic thoughts), reading, branching out into other areas of learning like philosophy, theology, comparative religions, etc. to build a spiritual knowledge base and mental library, and finally, the benefits of studying the religion you're leaving.

There are several things I didn't mention, like the issue of coming out to loved ones (should you? shouldn't you? when? how?) and also studying psychology (Jung and his works in particular).

I'd like to speak about those topics too, but I'm almost at my storage limit already! I will have to wait until I can buy more or until I have the nerve to delete something. Until then, I may do youtube voiceovers or just type.

See you soon!


EPISODE 5: So Now I’m Wiccan… What’s Next? [PART 1]

October 26, 2009

This is my first Q&A!

I got a question asking what steps to take once you've decided to become Wiccan or Pagan. Here is my response.

Topics in this episode include letting go of baggage and guilt from your previous religion, getting a journal, remembering not to put pressure on yourself, celebrating the esbats and sabbats (even in a simple way), engaging in nature and appreciating the world around you (both the natural and human-made).

Stay tuned for part 2!


EPISODE 4: Polarity and Balance in the Pagan Gender Binary

October 25, 2009

In this episode, I continue the discussion of the gender binary in Wicca and in much of paganism. I examine the implications of this dichotomy in notions of balance, polarity, and the gendering of the gods. What is this saying about our religion? What is this saying about our views on gender and sex? Is it as liberating as it seems? Should we change this way of thinking and classifying?

This is meant to be paired with Episode 3 to get my fellow pagans to start thinking about how heteronormativity, gender norms, and bullsh*t notions of gender essentialism are reflected in the various pagan religions.

Feedback, questions, and discussion are very much appreciated!

p.s. My sound editing skills are nil, so please excuse my complete butchering of the intro clip, Iota’s "Mr. Machine’s Beat Street"


EPISODE 3: Bisexuality and Paganism. What’s the link?

October 19, 2009

This is a pagan response to my previous post on bisexuality. I wanted to take a moment to note how bisexual issues and issues of sexuality relate to paganism in that everything within many pagan ideologies (especially views of deity) is gendered, polarized, and paired in a heteronormative way. I speak mostly of deity, but we can find this in the gendering of the elements, astronomical bodies, herbs, colors, etc.

This episode is meant to get my fellow pagans to start thinking about how heteronormativity is reflected in the various pagan religions and how this both creates and reinforces homophobia and biphobia. Is there a solution?...

I also preview future episode topics. Feedback, questions, and discussion is very much appreciated!


EPISODE 2: The Bisexuality Rant Revisited

October 19, 2009

This is a follow-up to my previous episode about bisexuality. I simply clarify and expand topics I brought up in the previous episode.

The music clip used in the intro is Iota's "Mr. Machine's Beat Street," but with my poor editing skills I don't do it justice at all!

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EPISODE 1: The Bisexuality Rant

October 13, 2009

My first podcast deals with myths and stereotypes of bisexuality.

This episode is meant to open a dialogue about bisexuality and biphobia. Topics raised include invisibility, "coming out", identity, the myth of "straight privilege", heteronormativity, and monosexuals. There will most likely be a follow-up episode to this topic!

*Note: at around 15:00-16:00, I'm speaking of gays, not straights - Oops!!*


Well, here I am!

October 9, 2009

I've been toying with the idea of making a podcast for months, and now I've finally done it.

I did some recordings to see if I had anything to say. And I do. I tend to ramble and change lanes a bit, but I'm always going somewhere worth getting to. I'll cover a variety of topics but I'll talk mostly about paganism, sexuality, and topics related to those subjects. But this won't be your average podcast and you'll see why. If you like to think, if you like to mess with your own belief system and be challenged with others', then listen to my show!