EPISODE 4: Polarity and Balance in the Pagan Gender Binary

October 25, 2009

In this episode, I continue the discussion of the gender binary in Wicca and in much of paganism. I examine the implications of this dichotomy in notions of balance, polarity, and the gendering of the gods. What is this saying about our religion? What is this saying about our views on gender and sex? Is it as liberating as it seems? Should we change this way of thinking and classifying?

This is meant to be paired with Episode 3 to get my fellow pagans to start thinking about how heteronormativity, gender norms, and bullsh*t notions of gender essentialism are reflected in the various pagan religions.

Feedback, questions, and discussion are very much appreciated!

p.s. My sound editing skills are nil, so please excuse my complete butchering of the intro clip, Iota’s "Mr. Machine’s Beat Street"


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