EPISODE 6: So Now I’m Wiccan… What’s Next? [PART 2]

October 29, 2009

This is a follow up to part 1, so check that out first. I'm trying to get this up quick, so it starts and ends kind of abruptly. Sorry!

Topics in this episode include meditating, more on letting go of baggage, meeting other pagans, being mindful of your intuition (but being weary of neurotic thoughts), reading, branching out into other areas of learning like philosophy, theology, comparative religions, etc. to build a spiritual knowledge base and mental library, and finally, the benefits of studying the religion you're leaving.

There are several things I didn't mention, like the issue of coming out to loved ones (should you? shouldn't you? when? how?) and also studying psychology (Jung and his works in particular).

I'd like to speak about those topics too, but I'm almost at my storage limit already! I will have to wait until I can buy more or until I have the nerve to delete something. Until then, I may do youtube voiceovers or just type.

See you soon!


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